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I am a regular guy, just like you.  Trust me, I've gone through the mental battle with myself before having sex.  Everything is going great, until it is time to perform.  Once intimate, the flood gates open and your head is awash in negative thoughts and there it goes.  Either an ejaculation or you go limp.  The products on this website are intended to help us regular guys to perform to the best of our physical capabilities.  With a little bit more confidence, we can show our partner just how good we can be.  So go on guys, boost your ego a bit. 

The Original China Brush a.k.a. Seifen's Kwang Tze Solution is my go to remedy for premature ejaculation.  If I haven't had sex in a week or weeks or even longer, it's going to happen, I will ejaculate too quickly and it gets awkward, trust me.  Then I sit there and feel like, for a lack of better words, SHIT. This product helped me get out of my rut and now I perform and act like a porn star.  

I created this website because I want you to purchase with confidence.  I want you to know and believe that you are purchasing from a person who believes in the products that they are offering.  There are way too many scary websites out there offering thousands of different products.  I would rather keep it simple.  You will only find a handful of products in my online shop.  Play it smart and purchase smart.  Protect your penis!

I'm always available to answer your questions.  Contact me anytime: